Drolf (Dragon Wolf Hybrid) VRChat ready avatar

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Customizable Avatar setup for VRChat. A wolf dragon hybrid with a tail style inspired by the night fury. The Drolf is both high fidelity and optimized at around 50k triangles with all three outfits and a medium rating perfect for large events or greater overhead for adding customization!

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2.0 Changes:

  • Updated more expressive face
  • More natural hand shape and rigging, better hand animations
  • New FX layer with fancy toggles set up by Pointless
  • A whole new outfit!
  • Extended textures now included in unity package with material swap radial set up
  • New UV Map (sorry-)
  • Canine Version also has horns and scales. Only tail is changed.


  • Unity setup for PC and Quest
  • High Quality baked normals
  • Customizable Dragon hybrid and Canine style prefabs!
  • Substance Files
  • Casual Outfit
  • Harness and Jockstrap
  • Clothing substance files for each

License TLDR: Do not distribute in whole or part. Can be used as a public avatar. For commissions both parties must own the asset.

Contact - Discord: Blizz#8888

Refund Policy: Upon purchase, customers gain immediate access to digital products. Unlike physical items, there is no way to physically retrieve or return the product once it has been accessed or downloaded. Therefore no refunds will be honored for digital products.

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Drolf (Dragon Wolf Hybrid) VRChat ready avatar

13 ratings
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